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The Industry


Develop and update hospitality industry knowledge

This unit gives you the low down on the hospitality industry, the ethics and legalities, where to get further information, what job roles are out there and more importantly what type of employer and job role you want.



Work with colleagues and customers                               


Work in a socially diverse environment                                  


Provide quality customer service

In these units we address communication, the key for the hospitality industry that keep customers coming back! You will learn how to deal with all sorts of communication from relationship building to complaint resolution and dealing with difficult customers. 

Food Safety & OHS


Implement food safety procedures


Follow workplace hygiene procedures


Follow health, safety and security procedures

This is the day you learn about safe temperatures, storage times, cleaning, sanitising, personal hygiene and cross contamination. All the things that ensure our customers and staff are happy and healthy.

RSA & Coffee          


Provide responsible service of alcohol


Prepare and serve espresso coffee

During responsible service of alcohol, you will learn how to serve alcohol in a way that is controlled and be up with the legal and ethical issues that surround liquor service.

Also learn how to make coffee with the best of them. A must for any hospitality expert!     

At Your Service


Service food and beverage to customers


Provide food and beverage service


Apply food and beverage skills in the workplace

Learn how to set a table, prepare the restaurant area for service, welcome customers, take and process orders and serve and clear food and drinks. On this day you will also further develop the hospitality skills and knowledge learned throughout the course and get prepared for work experience.

Work Experience

Now it is time for on the job development of the hospitality skills and knowledge learned throughout the course.  You need to complete 12 shifts which are supervised by venue managers and experienced staff members.

Final Assessment Day         

After the work experience you have one more day to consolidate everything you have learned.

Hospitality Utopia

The Club Oasis Certificate II and Work Experience program provides you with REAL skills and REAL experience in the hospitality industry. This TOTAL training experience provides a program that works for our students, employers and the community as a whole.

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Hospitality Cert II

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