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Q What is Arrow Training Services really good at?
A Arrow Training Services will provide a training experience “worth talking about!” We are a respected registered training organisation with training expertise across many industries with an extensive range of qualifications available.  Our specialities include: Retail, Hospitality, Business, Customer Contact, Aged Care.

Q Who are your trainers?
A Our training programs are delivered by a team of energetic, enthusiastic and highly qualified trainers.  We recruit our trainers with real industry experience and background so that you can learn from them and their real life work! They love to train – they love to engage!

Q Can you ensure your training will be pitched at the right level and develops the right skills that meet our business needs?
A We have a fabulous team of Business Development Managers who will come to you to discuss and find out what it is you really need.  Training Plans will be developed for each of your staff to hone in on their skills needs – which ultimately benefit your organisation in having a trained-up team.  If you already know which programs best suit your needs, they can also advise you on the current potential funding opportunities. It’s worth catching up to talk!

Q Why would we choose Arrow Training Services as our training provider?
A Arrow Training Services is a national training provider with the capacity to deliver anywhere in Australia. We provide consistent and quality training to your staff across national boundaries that create a seamless and stress free training experience for your organisation and staff.  We support you in the skills development and training opportunities no matter where your staff reside. An Arrow training experience is definitely “worth talking about!”

Q How can you make training relevant to me? 
A We specialise in making our learning and assessments as relevant to you as possible. We love action learning – what you learn will be put into action at your workplace. Our learning aims to get you real work based outcomes! We promise to ensure that this is no ordinary learning experience. We are fun, dynamic and will always put our quirky spin on things!
Q I really want to get trained so I can get a job – how can I do that?
A Don’t know what to do or where to go?  Working out what to do with your life can be hard - so training is a great start to get you into the workforce and on your way. We deliver many courses to help you get into the workforce along with a new exciting initiative of ours called “Skills for Jobs” programs which are run in your local community. You don’t have to be employed – our mission is teaching you the skills and then help you get a job!
Q How is your training delivered? My spare time is really scarce – so how can I fit in training and coursework ?
A Our training delivery and assessment is really flexible as we work with your employer to ensure it is a really worthwhile training experience for you. Much of the training is done on the job and with structured timeout for training sessions, all of which allows you to complete most of the set tasks in your time at the workplace.  Of course, you will need to have the right attitude to also complete some tasks in your own time – but you know what – that’s what makes you an employee that stands out from the rest! Your enthusiasm and effort will be recognised as your skills develop.

Q What if I want to upskill – what can you offer?
A Are you always looking to be better, do better and achieve? We can tailor and deliver a program suited to your individual needs or your organisation’s requirements. Tap into your motivation, get credit for study or learning already undertaken and go for it! If you are thinking about expanding your career and life options then undertake some new training. That’s where we can help you. We have options to suit most people, most situations and most requirements.  Just ask – we are here to help!
Q Why should I do a traineeship with Arrow rather than with TAFE?
A Arrow recognises that training is not a “one size fits all” situation. Our trainers work with employers and trainees to schedule training at a time that suits your workplace. Arrow is large enough to cover all states in Australia, but not too large, and in each State we are vibrant, nimble and can respond quickly to changing market needs and integrate the very latest practices into your training. Equipping you for today’s demands. Talk to us!
Q I’ve been working in the same industry for a few years, does any of that count towards a qualification?
A Absolutely. Arrow recognises what you do now and what you’ve done before. Our trainers will spend time with you to help you formalise your experience toward a nationally recognised qualification.
Q If I do a traineeship with Arrow, where will my qualification be recognised?
A All qualifications completed with Arrow are nationally recognised.

Q I’m a business Owner / Manager – What funding is available to help me train my staff? 
A There are a number of Federal and State initiatives to encourage employers to train their staff. Your apprenticeships Centre is in the best position to advise you on what incentives are available.  

Q What is user choice funding? 
A User choice funding is funding to pay for the cost of the training. This means that you do not have to pay your training provider directly as the training cost is covered by their contract with the State Government. In most cases, the State Training Authority has a set of standard fees that all contracted training organisations (including TAFE) are required to charge. See also enrolment fees.

Q What are “enrolment fees”? 
A All User Choice contracted training providers must abide by the relevant State Government enrolment and tuition fee policy. They do vary from State to State so please contact Arrow for details relevant in your State.

Q What is a traineeship? 
A A traineeship is essentially a combination of work and training that enables the student to put into practice the skills and knowledge that they gain through their training. The employer and the student enter into a training contract to ensure that the student is provided access to learning while on the job and the employer may be supported with incentives from the federal / State governments

Q What is “Fee for Service” Training?
A This is training where the payment is made directly between the user and the training provider. Usually in this case, there are no incentives applicable and you pay a fee for the training delivered. An example of this is a targeted short course or a specific need you may have such as a ’Manual Handling Refresher’ course.


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